Frequently Asked Questions

Check out documentation available through the Documentation page.
All Kindred feeds/API offerings are accessible via Feeds menu.
Check out "Live betting and Live streaming calendar" here.
No, our current security restrictions disallow CORS. One of the issues that if you invoke our APIs directly from browser you would need to serve app id and API key to the browser. We suggest setting up a proxy for this kind of requests. Alternatively, if it is about your local development, CORS restriction in browser could be disabled with launch parameters.
Check out our deeplinking guide here.
Yes, you can get the outcome of particular bet offers. This is available under outcome section of the response containing bet offers. Please note that we do not provide event/match results.
Well, it is simple as in response providing bet offer, locating odds value and dividing it with 1000.

Contact Us

Should you have any question re our services not covered by documentation or facing with some issue, you can reach out to us via e-mail address given below: